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Privacy Policy

The policy that we follow when handling your data

Privacy Policy


Cookies are digital signature files that are stored by your web browser that allow your preferences to be recorded when visiting the website. Also, they may be used to track your return visits to the website and autofill/add data (usernames/passwords/preferences/other data) when needed, you hereby full consent to the use of cookies. If you reside within the EU you hereby consent to use the of cookies on your browser and hereby waive any rights to damages as a result of any violation of your General Data Protection Regulation rights.

Information gathered by the website on visitors.

Information we gather is similar to other websites, we gather a visitors IP address, address, page their visiting, their geolocation, photo ID and their referring page as well as other data and or information that may be required to prevent digital fraud against - This information may be shared/sold to other third parties at’s discretion. Cookies may be used to remember visitor preferences/logins/passwords when interacting with the website upon re-visit. When a user signs up through the website using an email/password that information is saved and stored on’s databases.

ID documents/other verification documents/other verification.

You hereby fully consent to LG using any and all verification documents or verification required to prevent harm to LG through digital fraud. Upon submitting documents or information to LG you automatically relinquish any data protection laws protection regarding your region. You hereby grant LG the right to release any documents or verification information at the behest of authorities or a third party that LG so wishes. On release and handling of any documents, you hereby fully grant LG the right to determine at their discretion who a qualified third party is that the information may be released to.

Subscription Lists & Signup

If you have subscribed to one of our services, you may unsubscribe by following the instructions which are included in e-mail that you receive. Before unsubscribing please contact us to see if there’s anything we can do to keep you! If you wish to have your site account removed please send an email to [email protected] – Please note that account deletion requests may be rejected up to a period of (6 months) at’s discretion due to anti-fraud.

Payment processors

Please know that all payment processors listed on are not affiliated nor owned by LG thus giving LG no jurisdiction over these respective companies, you (the customer/visitor) are responsible for knowing each one of these payment processors individual policies and stances on certain issues, these payment processors operate as a middleman allowing a payment transaction to take place between you and LG. Any issues or inquiries regarding payment processors or payments made through the website should be directed to the respective payment processor, if you have an inquiry about an order or other issue please email us at [email protected]


Have any inquiries regarding’s privacy policy? Email us at [email protected]

Collection and Use of Personal Data

By using you knowledge that Lazizgoods may collect and store personal details. The following information may be collected, to reach out for personal manners. Information may be used for promotional purposes only if a user of consents to it. The following information may be collected:

(1) Information on device, browser, and website interaction

(2) The length of your visit and browsing path

(3) Geographical location, and IP address

(4) Order amount and email address

(5) Chat Transcripts.

(6) All information collected from promotional offers

(7) Referral source

(8) Name, profile picture, gender, date of birth

(9) Telephone Number

(10) Any contents of communication

This information is used to provide our services to the client in an efficient manner. Google Analytics is used to monitor website traffic behaviour interacting with They may track data on your browsing behaviour.

Passwords For Services

Passwords provided to us through our website are shared with one individual service provider. The user who accepts your order is provided with the information to log into your account. If for any reason the service provider is unable to complete your order, it may be provided to a second service provider. It is expected that when providing a password to have a service completed, only the items relevant to the service are accessible.

Services are defined as a client providing with their virtual account information to perform a task which requires time. It may also refer to a product that they purchased, and are waiting on delivery for. These tasks can range between 5 minutes, and weeks depending on what the client orders. Throughout this time period, it is expected that the client will not log in, change passwords, or interfere with the service being completed in any way. Once a service is completed, the client is notified of it’s completed status through email. They are then instructed to change their password, eliminating the possibility of any representative re-accessing their account unless another order is made and a new password is provided.


By using you acknowledge that you are providing consent to the use of all data mentioned in all of the above sections. Any client has the right to ask for what information we have collected on them. A written request may be made to LG to indicated consent is no longer granted.

Cookies are stored and used throughout your experience at They are used to avoid asking a client for the same information multiple times. This may include: email, Runescape name, or personal identification. We store session IDs which resume a conversation on live chat if a user disconnects and reconnects shortly after. Cookies are also used to remember a visitors currency and language preference. We do not have a database which users must register with email and password for. We rely on cookies to be able to identify our clients past history with our website.

Government Issued ID

In order to minimize fraudulent or stolen bank, credit, and debit payments, we may ask for government issued ID in order to verify a purchase. We can ask for a client to prove they are the owner of the bank account, credit card, or debit card being used to make a purchase. This is done through our video verification system. After a user inputs their phone number, they are sent a link which they can use to take a video to provide verbal and visual confirmation that the transaction is authorized by the owner of the funds. A client will be told prior to purchasing if this is required. We may ask for this from any client which we’re prefer to pass a

We Manipulate And Encrypt Personal Information Provided To

When a user provides us with their ID, it is automatically watermarked before being stored. The IDs are also encrypted in storage. An ID will only be used to prove a purchase was authorized to (1) fight fraud, (2) prove delivery was made, (3) if requested by law enforcement. After an agent has confirmed your identity, your ID is automatically hidden from that agent, watermarked, and stored in an encrypted manner.

Administration of Personal Information

If personal information is provided to law enforcement, or used to combat fraud against a user, the user will be notified through a channel of communication which we have identified from the information available to us. This may include email, social media inbox, Discord, or Skype.

Third Party Websites

Our website may link to third party websites. We are not responsible for the actions in which any website other than engages in.